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Best Practice for New Attributes

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  • goodkarma

    Hi Ihor –

    I’m having some wonky experiences with new Attributes (things we’re creating on our side to further refine/define listings)

    I created a new attribute called project total – made it optional – and am using it on listings where a gig total is more appropriate than hourly fee. (which in our case, is most of the listings) For some odd reason, it appears on some listings – but not on others – and i’m not sure why. (I’m manually going into the listings where it won’t appear – and double checking that it’s set – it is – and yet, when I save again – and refresh – the primary area (where the rate would be – and i’m hoping to have the gig total -is blank (although it looks like a single character is trying to peek through, but it’s just empty space)

    I’ve assigned the attribute to every category (i’m not sure if that’s the best or neccessary practice – i’m just trying to troubleshoot) – so it doesn’t appear to be an issue with the attribute not being assigned to the right cat. (I actually thought that was the issue initially, but alas….it ain’t 🙂

    Could you 1. post a quick screenshot/share of what a new attribute for a project total would look like setting wise so I can see visually what the best practice is? (or maybe if there is a single field i’m messing up?

    And 2 – I’m wondering if a thread on the forum where folks who are using new attributes and want to share use cases and how they’re implemented wouldn’t be helpful? (not sure if there is that already – happy to check the hivepress general area if so – but I do know that in my work with other folks/communities using many other directory themes/plugins – this was always the most popular thing to browse – and snippets/examples like these could be very helpful for the global user base)

    Thanks so much! (PS – the irony is – i did a quick video where I covered setting a project total as an attribute on Experthive – i had to go back and watch my own content to try to figure out what i’m doing wrong – and i’m still stuck! 😉

    – Ian


    Quick follow up to the above – I *solved* the issue on the “project total” attribute not appearing on listing – i had an extra space in the string (after value) – and editing/removing that single space – seems to have resolved the mystery. 🙂

    ihor developer

    Hi Ian,

    1. If you want to make some attribute global please don’t assign it to any categories (if you assign it to all categories you’d have to do this for every new category). If it’s not assigned it’ll appear for listings in any category.

    2. Thanks, I’ll consider creating/pinning a thread like this, I’m also working on a series of tutorials for HivePress (a walkthrough for every feature/setting), including the developer tutorials.

    Thanks for posting the solution about the display format.

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