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    I have http://www.DistilleriesCanada.com and currently searching to bring it to another level. As it is across Canada, it have to be in French & English. I did it with an extension, but maybe you have something better to suggest ? One thing which is not working with the current one is it change the content but not the head, so I always have the subtitle in French.

    I selected you theme because I also want to have a way to do the search by categories and location. Also expect in a near future, to have a restricted access for professionals with annual fees, and possibility to buy listings, etc.

    Thank you for your help, it will be determinant if I can go with you as new theme for the website.



    PS : I forgot, is it possible to have subtitles ? For exemple on mine, if you go on Distilleries tab, you have a long listing. But with sub tabs, I could add each Province to be more concise. Thanks.



    Sure, you can use a plugin like Polylang to duplicate content in 2 languages. If you add listings by yourself it’s easy, but please note that if you enable front-end listing submission you’ll have to translate listings for users, they will not be able to do this via the front-end form and it’s not possible to force users to translate listings. Polylang is pretty lightweight and it’s the best option at the moment. Here’s a related topic https://hivepress.io/support/topic/a-multilingual-website-how-do-i-create-duplicate-ads/

    You can already charge users for adding listings, and I plan to implement selling listings or up-selling products in the near feature. Here’s a website from the similar industry, also built with HivePress https://2go.wine/ Hope this helps.


    Thank you for you answer Ihor,
    Is it possible to have more than just keywords for the searching ? In my case, I want to be able to search by profession, for exemple : distilleries, still manufactures, distributors…
    Do I have to make this possible through a database, and so how to integrate it ?
    Also, I have check the possibility to translate your theme and extensions in French, but I don’t catch how to do simply on WP page. If you send me all what you need by email, I can send it back to you once done.


    By the way, it would be great if you have suggestions of different extensions you think are the best (compatibility, efficiency, design…) for different purposes : Map, SEO, Spam filter, event agenda, Job offers listing, forms, analytics… Thanks.


    Oh, and one to have Google advertising. I am trying to have maybe small incomes to help me to cover at the least the fees it cost me for the moment. Thanks.


    – It’s not possible via the text field at the moment, but you can add extra filters to the filter form, or remove the keyword search completely and leave only location search and filters.

    – That would be awesome! If you translate it to French please send the PO file to ihor@hivepress.io It’s easy to translate it with Loco Translate plugin, directly in WP admin panel. Here’s a screencast https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zeOL8uh6jiM

    – I suggest to avoid any third-party plugins if they are not necessary, because each plugin increases the site loading time and adds possible security issues.

    – If Google provides some embed code for placing ads you can insert it into any of the widget areas in Appearance/Widgets section.

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