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Blank Map after deactivating and reactivating Geolocation Plugin/Extension

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  • JorgeIII

    Hello Ihor,
    So I was having issues with another plugin and I decided to check if it was the Geolocation Plugin from Hivepress. I disabled it to test if it was, and after seeing some changes, I decided to reactivate it again.
    Now, the map is not showing at all on the listings. It’s rendering the HTML alright, but it’s outputting:

    <div data-markers="[{&quot;title&quot;:&quot;Mexican Hacienda style home&quot;,&quot;latitude&quot;:31.834593,&quot;longitude&quot;:-106.524228,&quot;content&quot;:&quot;<div class=\&quot;hp-listing hp-listing--map-block\&quot;><h5 class=\&quot;hp-listing__title\&quot;><a href=\&quot;https:\/\/hnarealtor.com\/listing\/mexican-hacienda-style-home\/\&quot;>Mexican Hacienda style home<\/a>\n\t<i class=\&quot;hp-listing__verified-badge hp-listing__verified hp-icon fas fa-check-circle\&quot; title=\&quot;Verified\&quot;><\/i>\n\t<\/h5><\/div>&quot;}]" class="hp-listing__map widget hp-map" data-component="map"></div>

    I’m not sure what to do next, I’ve looked at the plugin’s code but everything seems in order. My API is working in other sites and billing is set up correctly. I’ll link one of the listings if you want to take a look at the issue:


    You’ll see that below “Report Listing”, there’s a blank square where the map should be.
    I’ve also tried enabling the parent theme like last time, but still no luck. Thanks a lot.

    ihor developer

    I checked the source code and couldn’t find the map, please let me know if you disabled it. If the map is hidden there may be a JavaScript error or the markers output is broken (e.g. if it’s escaped like HTML code).


    Yeah I had disabled the plugin. However, I enabled it back again and it still shows no map :(. I’m trying to figure out what could it be, but I can’t find the solution.

    ihor developer

    Can’t say for sure, I recommend reverting recent customizations or try to switch a theme for a moment to check if it’s a theme-related issue – it seems to be ok on the demo site https://demo.hivepress.io/listings/

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