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  • Jack

    I have a problem with bookings, when I book a date from 2 to 6 , only days 2 to 5 are booked and 6 is skipped. What can I do about it?

    ihor developer

    It works this way by default, for example if the listing is a room or something for rent then it’s booked for 24 hours (from morning to morning), so the next booking can start on the checkout date (or when the rental is returned). If possible send more details about the use case, we plan to add an option for whole-day bookings rather than day-to-day.


    Thank you for the quick response.

    When reserving an item for rental, the user should be able to make one-day reservations and book the dates he or she selects in the calendar.By marking 3 days you should have 3 days not 2 reserved.
    The user selects a date in the calendar (from, to or one day) and what I mean is that the days they select should not be available to others.

    ihor developer

    Thanks for the details, we’ll add this feature to the next Bookings update (there were a few other requests for the same feature).


    When do you plan to update?

    ihor developer

    The Bookings update is planned for next week, we got a few more bug reports and have to make these fixes before releasing the next version.

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