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Booking Available To

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    My Listing duration is 120 minutes.
    The field “Booking available from” is set to 10:00
    Booking Slot Interval is set to 45 minutes
    If I set up the “Booking Available To” field to 15:30 the last available time for booking is 12:45 but not 15:30.
    If I set up the “Booking Available To” field to 15:35 the last available time for booking is 15:30.

    So two questions about that situation:
    1. Is it possible to make this field work correctly? or maybe put some kind of “closing” hours field instead?
    2. Once Booking Slot Interval is changed, you can’t set it to 0 again. Can you fix it?
    3. When it’s gonna be possible to block some time slots in calendar?

    ihor developer

    1, 2. Thanks for reporting these issues, will be fixed in the next update.
    3. This feature is also planned for the next Bookings update, it’s planned for the next week.



    Do you know when the next Bookings update including blocking time slots feature will be available?

    ihor developer

    We have to update the core plugin first (HivePress), and then we’ll update the Bookings extension – both releases should be available within 2-3 days.


    The point 3 above is fixed now with the last Bookings update, thank you!

    What about point 1 and 2 ?
    When do you think you will fix them?

    ihor developer

    This requires a bit more testing, but I’ll try to find a solution for the first issue and the next Bookings update is planned for next week. The second one seems to be ok – you can clear the interval field, but if you set any value it should be 1 minute or more.

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