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    I am looking to purchase this extension but I can not find the information I am looking for

    1. Can vendors import or sync up with another calendar – if so which ones?
    2. If a guest books – how does payment work? Does it go through my website (which I do not want)

    ihor developer

    1. There’s no such feature at the moment, but we plan to implement syncing with iCal and Google Calendar.
    2. Yes, if you install both Bookings and Marketplace extensions then all payments are sent to the marketplace owner first, while the vendors’ marketplace balance is increased (depends on the commission rate).


    Ok in the future when you sync to the other calendars, Will payments then go through their platforms. I don’t want any involvement with the money ???

    ihor developer

    Syncing the calendar is not related to payments, there are 2 main options – allowing bookings without a payment, or charging users for bookings via the website, the second one always involves some payment processing.


    would there be no way of allowing calendars to sync, then when a user comes to book it goes to the calendar on the vendors website. That way all payments go through their site. As the calendars sync it would automatically update on my website – once the booking is made?

    ihor developer

    If the website’s purpose is just searching listings and checking the availability then this would work, e.g. if you place a link to some third-party booking website that is in sync with the calendars on your site. But this may require some customizations (e.g. hiding the default booking form to prevent bookings via your website).

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