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  • agus

    I have a list that can only be ordered daily, and there is also a list that can only be ordered hourly, how do I set it on hivepress? because when I check the “time slot” in setting, the daily order doesn’t work

    and specifically for hourly listings, if the customer wants to order 5 hours, he must order 5 times with 1 order for 1 hour? no choice how many hours they want to order to make it easier for customers and vendors?

    ihor developer

    Sorry, there’s no such option at the moment, the Bookings extension works in the day-based or time-based mode, it’s not possible to set this per-listing in the current version. Please describe the use-case for this, do you have different services with multi-day and time slot bookings? There may be a workaround if the vendor sets the time slot duration to a full day, then a whole day can be booked at once, but this will not work for multi-day bookings.


    (just let me know if I should submit a new question, but I have more or less same issue).

    I’m using Listing+Marketplace+bookings

    Selling different adventure tours which can be :
    Listing a ) booking a Elephant half day tour (from 8am to 12pm)
    Listing b) booking a Whale watching full day tour (just full day, no need to indicate time from/to)
    Listing c) booking a Jungle camp tent rent which could be 3 days (user selects three full days and 3 days must be booked and computed).
    Listing d) booking a House tree for 2 nights (as hotel rooms, here user selects 3 days, but only 2 nights should be computed)

    Case a) and b) are doable with Bookings->Time Slot enabled and 720 minutes duration/slot in the listing set up.
    Case c) … I tried to play with time slot but max is 720 minutes so can’t do. Maybe if max time slot was 1440 minutes?
    Case d) …. can’t do

    Any workaround for these 4 cases to coexist ? or ?

    Thank you very much in advance!

    ihor developer

    Thanks for the details, I’ll increase the 720 limit to 1440 in the next Bookings update (should be released this weekend). Unfortunately there’s no way to resolve d) at the moment because this would require some option for vendors to switch between time-based and day-based bookings for each listing separately. I’ll check if it’s possible to implement this without breaking backward compatibility.


    i am waiting for you to change it to 1440

    ihor developer

    Please try setting 720 in both fields instead, then there will be a single time slot per day anyway. I checked the Marketplace extension code and allowing 1440 in both fields would cause an error, because the time slot duration + interval may exceed 24 hours then.

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