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Bug adding images to listings when on mobile?

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    When adding a listing on mobile, there seems to be an issue with adding images. When I select image it appears to be loading/adding the image but then no image shows so the user does not know if the image actually uploaded. However the image is showing in the back end in media. When I refresh the add listing page then the image shows. Why isn’t it being added in “realtime” to the listing page.

    Seems to only happen on mobile, not desktop. Bizarre.

    Any help appreciated.

    ihor developer

    Please provide the details to reproduce this issue, is there some specific OS/browser that has to be checked? You can also try disabling third-party plugins and check if this issue persists.


    I have not had this trouble in the past using the same device and browser which is weird.

    I am using Safari browser on iPhone.

    Once an image is selected the circles spin to show it is uploading and then they stop and no image shows however it has already been uploaded unknowingly.

    ihor developer

    Please also check this issue on the demo site https://demo.hivepress.io/ It seems to work when I test it with Safari on iPhone, if it works for you then this issue is related to third-party plugins and/or customizations.


    Hmm works on the demo site. Will asses further.


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