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    Hi Ihor,

    I’ve noticed a new bug after updating to the latest version;

    adding a new listing as a user, i cannot select more than 1 option of a checkbox or radio attribute. This worked previously. All radio/check box attributes are only allowing the first option to be selected regardless of how many options are available.

    I have tried disabling all plugins, but i have not added any new plugins or made any real changes prior to updating.


    I forgot to say these can be edited via the dashboard logged in as administrator but not from the front end as a normal subscriber


    This bug also extends to the main listing page – i am unable to select anything that has a radio button other than the first instance – for example in the filter options


    I fixed the issue, switched my PHP to a higher level and it has been resolved.



    Please let me what version of PHP you had installed before, 5.6? If so I’ll fix it for backward compatibility.


    Yes it was 5.6

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