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Bug in any text box – visual editing

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    ihor, i noticed since yesterday a bug that i don’t know if it is in the theme or in WordPress: Every time I use the visual option to edit a text box, every time it saves it generates a code. This happened when I included a text box for a form with an HTML editing option. Then when he was editing he already inserted this code. I will send you in a print for you to understand better (it happens in every type of text box using the visual option, inside the page or only in the wordpress admin):;


    And here:


    This code is definitely not added by HivePress, please try disabling third-party plugins for a moment and check if this issue persists. Or maybe it’s some autogenerated code added by Elementor?


    Really ihor, it’s not a third-party plugin or ListingHive or Hivepress that are causing this case. Do you believe it’s Firefox? Some plugin from my browser (I have a lot) is causing the problem. Apparently I will have to finish the development in Chrome. I guarantee you have never seen this problem and neither have I. Something from the browser inserting code into a text field? Bizarre to say the least. At the most I am happy that it is not a plugin or Hivepress that are causing the problem. Thanks again friend!

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