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Bug in workflow when making an offer to an request. Cannot deliver work

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  • Seegon

    I’ve ran into a few issues when testing the workflow of my site.

    I have the Taskhive theme installed.
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    1) The problem I have is that a Regular User/Customer can make an offer on Requests, even though the User has not completed the registered as a Vendor process yet. I would prefere that this feature was reserved for registered vendors, and that the make an offer button would redirect regular users to the register as vendor form.

    Anyhow, the bug I have found is when the regular user tries to complete the Order by “Delivering Work”. This button does nothing for the regular user, no error, nothing. When I complete the vendor registration steps using the same account, and then hit the Deliver work button, everything works as expeceted.

    2) I’ve noticed that even if the order is processing/in work, the buyer can hit the “Complete Order” button, even if the seller did not hit the “Deliver Work” button. I think that the “Complete Order” button should only become visible to the buyer after the seller has hit the deliver work button.

    Thanks alot in advance

    ihor developer

    1. In the current version only users with vendor profiles can make offers, please try registering as a new regular user (e.g. via the browser incognito mode), there should be an error if you try to make an offer. Also, regular users don’t have the Deliver button, they only have the Complete/Reject buttons – please make sure that this user has no vendor profile, this issue may occur if you test orders via the same account.
    2. Thanks, we’ll try to improve this workflow, indeed it makes no sense to complete orders before the delivery.


    Hello ihor.

    1) Working in incognito mode with a new account was the way I tested this. I found that, for some reason, if I do not allow direct registration of vendors, regular users could make offers to available requests. And as stated, they cannot finnish the offer due to the deliver work button not working.

    However, if I allow for direct registration of vendors, that same user could not make offers to available requests, as was intended (and I agree, this is the way).

    So the bug seemes to occure when the direct registration button is unchecked.

    2) Thank you Ihor

    ihor developer

    Please let me know what you mean about finishing orders by users – users shouldn’t have the Deliver button, only vendors have those. I guess this is related to the users making offers issue, if you just register as a regular user and don’t add any listings or don’t register a vendor profile via the /register-vendor URL then for some reason the vendor profile is created automatically for every user, allowing anyone to make offers and see the vendor-only buttons like Deliver one.
    Please describe the steps to reproduce this issue locally (if there are no code customizations on your site), do you register via the Sign In/Register modal window?


    So the process is as following, note that I have the option to register as a vendor directly through the url register-vendor turned OFF and allow bidding ON.

    -Incognito modus entering the site.
    -Using the #user_register_modal, verifying the e-mail and login.
    -Start Browsing Job-Requests. Entering one of the requests.
    -Hitting the Make an Offer button, and the offer is being placed, even though the user doing so is a regular user, not a vendor.
    -Getting the Order on the profil page, able to send message to the buyer (without issues) and able to deliver work (but this button does nothing, because the current user is a regular user).

    Note that when I check the checkbox, allowing for direct vendor registrations, and use the same account to browse and make an offer to a request, I get the error you mentioned “Only registered vendors can make offers”

    Hope this helps in solving the bug. The issue is not a big deal for me, as I think I will allow direct registration in the future, elimiating one of the condition for this bug to appear. However, it would be good to iron it out anyways.


    ihor developer

    Thanks for the details. For some reason I can’t reproduce this with a fresh Marketplace & Requests installation, if there are no custom code snippets or changes that may cause this, please send temporary WP access to and I’ll try to debug this further.

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