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Home Support Extensions Paid Listings Bug when customers buy the same package 2 or more times.

Bug when customers buy the same package 2 or more times.

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  • dave90dave

    Dear Hivepress community,

    I just found out that the paid listings has a bug.

    I noticed that if you buy the same package for a second time, it will not add up the listing amount.

    – my package name is called “premium”
    – It gives 20 listings that I can place, from the package.

    What I expect:
    – If I buy the package, I should be able to place 20 listings
    – If I buy the package for twice, I should be able to place 40 listings

    But instead, it is not being added up.

    So when I bought the package, it was added to my account successfully. But when I bought the same package for a second time (without making up my already bought package). It will not add up the amount.

    So if you buy the same package more than once, it will not be added to your account, unless you first use up all your ads before buying the same package again.

    Can this bug be fixed, that would be great!

    I’m waiting for your reply.


    ihor developer

    Hi Dave,

    Thanks for reporting this issue, please let me know how you buy packages while testing this – by default it’s not possible to buy the same package until it’s limit is exceeded (it’s displayed as “Current” and the button should be disabled).


    Hello Ihor,

    When I order a paid package, it does not show up “Current”. It just shows the “Buy package” button.

    I have used 2 payment methods, that look like they are not working:
    1. Wire transfer
    2. A coupon made in woocommerce.
    After placing a order using the above 2 payment methods. You should manually confirm the status of the order in woocommerce as “finished” in woocommerce.

    But this is not the problem.
    The problem is (I think) in the theme or in the paid listing plugin.
    Because bought packages do not show up as being “Current”, and therefore the customer can place an extra order with the same package, without making up the previously bought package.

    Only the free package shows “limit exeeded”, but none of the paid packages do not.

    I hope I provided you with enough information, to solve this problem.
    Don’t hesitate to ask me, if you got questions.


    ihor developer

    Thanks for the details, I reproduced this issue locally. There’s no upgrade process implementation in this extension, and the Select Package step appears only if the listing limit is exceeded. So it’s impossible to purchase the same package twice, but this issue occurs if you display listing packages on some page (via a block), because it’s always visible. We’ll try to find a solution for this in the next Paid Listings version.

    The bank transfer is an offline payment method, you have to mark orders as completed manually. If you use some online method like PayPal or Stripe then orders will be completed automatically.


    Hi Ihor,

    Thank you for taking a look.
    I’m looking forward for the release of the next plugin version.



    I confirm the error. Moreover, while on the page with the package selection, you cannot go back to editing the advertisement.
    Directs users to choose the category of an advertisement and then to choose a package, skipping editing the content of the advertisement.

    ihor developer

    This issue may occur only if you added a draft listing previously, then the Add Details step is skipped. Please try registering as a new user and try to submit a listing, all the steps should be available (Select Category, Add Details, Select Package).


    But if I’m already in “choose a package” and want to go back to editing the post, then I can’t.

    ihor developer

    Yes, it’s not possible in the current version. Users can return to re-selecting a category and edit the listing details, but once they confirm the submission there’s no way to edit the details until the listing is published.

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