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  • Jimmug

    Hivepress is a really good plugin compare to other directory but the only thing drawback hivepress is not fully integrate with WP All import as @ihor recommended. WP All import does support the custom fields, attributes and taxonomies perfectly.

    There are two issues: does not support image bulk import & after bulk import listing, the information such as attributes it appear on the backend but once published, the details does not display on the frontend. It need to multiple clicks the category field to trigger the details and updates. only then it appears. Can you tell me what the reason and how to resolve this? Is is the WP All import not fully integrate or other else?

    Is there any solution to import listing automatically rather than go through each listing manually? Otherwise it time consuming for 400+ listings each category

    ihor developer

    Thanks, we’ll try to improve the integration with third-party import plugins. HivePress should already work fine with WP All Import, since it doesn’t implement any custom database tables and implements everything as custom post types, taxnomies and meta fields.

    If the imported details don’t appear on the front-end you can try disabling HivePress cache, with this PHP snippet:

    define('HP_CACHE', false);


    I already disabled ‘WP Total cache’ which might interrupts the process of display the listing on the frontend.

    About the image import, I refer to this website https://www.wpallimport.com/documentation/from-server/ and tried all steps by importing images from URLs, server as well computer but unfortunately it didn’t work.


    When mapping the image during the bulk import, the image appears on preview & test button but after published, it doesn’t have any image even on the backend

    ihor developer

    There’s a built-in HivePress cache, that’s enabled by default. Also, please try adding “hp_model” and “hp_field” meta fields to the imported images, these fields map images to listings, they should be set to “listing” and “images” values respectively. I’ll try to improve this process as soon as possible (maybe by adding some connectors for the most popular import plugins).

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