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    I managed to bulk import listing locations into the geolocation field through WP imp exp.
    However, they basically import as plain text and don’t get “activated” into an actual geolocation that is searchable and appears on a map.
    Example of listing where the location is not on but the location text/indicator is there: https://appliftr.com/listing/caribbean-gourmet/

    Is there any way to import locations and make it work right away without having to go into the individual listings to select and activate the geolocation function?


    Got it working by importing the exact address, longitude and latitude that appears in the search bar when looking for the listing location.


    I’m glad that it’s resolved, have you used the default WordPress Importer or some third-party plugin?


    I’ve used a third party plugin to import the CSV. Not all my locations work yet though for some reason. But it’s getting there.

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