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Business Directory Setup Instructions?

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    On the HivePress home page we are greeted with “Build and Launch Your Own Business Directory” but the themes I see are for Real Estate and Tasks.

    1. Do you have a theme for a Business Directory?
    2. Or instructions on how to setup HivePress for a business directory and also how to use other themes to build the Directory?
    3. Also is HivePress compatible with Oxygen Builder?



    HivePress is not restricted to any listing types like real estate or services. The default demo lists properties because I had to choose something to demonstrate how HivePress works, but if you install ListingHive theme and import demo content you’ll be able to add your own categories (instead of “Houses”, “Apartments”…), listing attributes, search filters, etc. that match your requirements.

    1. I plan to release a business directory theme with a specific design and layout, but you can use the default ListingHive theme as well. It’s a clean and modern theme that is suitable for any niche.

    2. Please try following the docs and you’ll understand how HivePress works

    3. You can use any page builder if it supports shortcodes.


    Thanks…. Is there a master list of the shortcodes along with possible editing/display options?


    You can find a list here or if you have the WordPress block editor enabled for some pages (page builder should allow switching to the default one) you can check the available HivePress blocks, each block has a fallback shortcode.

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