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    After struggling with numerous themes, I have now started with hivepress and it seems pretty intuitive. I would need some feedback on how to go about what I am trying to do (creating a business directory with crowdsourced reviews):

    Writing reviews: I do not want functionality where visitor searches for a listing to write a review. I just want the visitor to fill a form and if a listing is already there, the form input will get added to that listing (tax number being the common search parameter in backend). Therefore, I do not want any separate button to add new listing.

    Reading reviews: Visitor logs in with email/ phone code and is able to search a listing (again with tax number). No public display of listings as such.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Any suggestion on how to go about it with hivepress?


    Thanks, glad you like it!

    I’m afraid that implementing these review submissions requires code customizations, but it’s much easier than with any other listing plugin or theme anyway, there’s a powerful API.

    If you’re familiar with PHP (or you find someone for custom work) you can hook to the review submission action, search for the related listing by the tax number, and attach a review to it.

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