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Button in Requests page

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  • mzvdesign

    I recommend to add simple button to requests page like here:

    ihor developer

    Thanks for your suggestion, this button should be already in the header section – you can try customizing it via CSS to make it more visible. I’m also working on a few major features that would allow editing any HivePress layout (so adding such button would be possible without code changes).


    It sounds iteresting! Thanks for informed me. I look forward to all the features. I want to say as time goes on, the more things I would improve more and more but naturally I dont want to spam you with everything. There are some things what I would need as soon as possible like file attachement in messages and some bigger improvements like Get a custom quote from concrete vendor. So I hope you are in a good condition and when I will see bigger changes I will be happy for support you.

    ihor developer

    Thanks, I’m working on many features, and since TaskHive is not based on a theme-specific framework it’ll not get abandoned – it gets features added to the core plugin and its extensions.

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