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Button to share products and registration form

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    Good Morning,
    I would like to know if you have the option of including share buttons in each product and if it would be possible to add more fields when registering users.


    You can try using any sharing buttons plugin for WordPress, like this one It will add floating sharing buttons on the left side of the listing page.

    It’s possible to add custom fields to the registration for via code snippets, but it depends on the purpose of the fields, e.g. if you plan to save these fields and use their values somehow then additional customizations are required.


    Ihor, i had suggested that if we could collect mobile, email etc at the time of registration – or in that form – then we can have checkboxes in the Listing – where the person chooses to show his number or hide it.
    also is there a way to hide this from those who have not logged in – meaning – they can see that the Phone number is there – but can access it only after login


    It’s already possible, but via vendor attributes, not at the time of registration. You can protect access to attributes via the Memberships extension.

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