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Buyer specifies the amount they wish to be paid.

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  • Bryn

    Hi ihor

    The Hivepress theme along with the marketplace extension is the best I’ve seen on WordPress for creating an online marketplace, and I really appreciate the work you’ve put into making it.

    I have, however, found a problem with the payout request feature. When the seller requests a payout for an item they have sold, they have to specify the amount they wish to be paid. However, they can request more than the actual selling price of the item.

    Is there anyway this can be fixed? For example, the seller has to choose the item they sold (with the price of the item) in order to request a payout for this item. This would stop the seller from asking for more than what the actual selling price was.

    ihor developer

    Thanks, I’m really glad that it’s useful!

    The requested amount should be limited by the current seller balance (it’s displayed in the left sidebar on the seller account page). If the seller tries to request a larger amount, there should be “The amount can’t be greater than…” error message in the payout request form. If it doesn’t work this way please let me know how to reproduce this issue, if there’s a bug I’ll fix it as soon as possible.


    So the error does appear when they request more than the balance. However, the balance constantly increases every time they sell an item, and this is where I have run into the issue.

    For example, the first sale is $500 and the seller request a $500 payout. The second sale is only $200 but the payout balance has now increased to $700, and this is when someone can request for the payout to be more than the amount of the second sale.

    ihor developer

    I just tested this locally and the pending payout amount should be deducted from the current balance, so it’s not possible to exceed the current balance amount. Please try refreshing a page after requesting a payout, if you request a payout of the whole balance then the balance should be changed to 0.

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