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Caegories on home page not showing any listings

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  • tanmay

    If i add any listings, the categories portion on home page doesn’t show them. Also while applying the filter in the listings area, the listings can’t be filtered using their categories. I am not sure what i’ve done wrong but it’s just not working. I have tried disabling all third party plugins but it’s still not showing my listings. Please help me as soon as possible.


    Please make sure that these listings are published and assigned to the categories you’re viewing, if the listing is assigned to some category it should appear on the category page


    The listings are published and are assigned to the right category. Don’t know what’s wrong with it.
    The site is sociofirm


    There’s a single category that has 1 listing and it seems to display it If there are more listings and they are hidden you can send temporary WP access to and I’ll check them.

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