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Calendar Mobile UX

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  • Mishoo

    Feedback: Receiving feedback from users regarding the calendar and its functionality on mobile devices. Using the calendar such as selecting/closing dates etc. takes several times to touch/click.

    If this is known, please let me know if there is something I can do on my side.

    ihor developer

    If possible send more details, e.g. a list of possible improvements and I’ll try to help. The currently known issue is with the calendar buttons, they have no tooltips.


    Feedback from users: generally, the calendar works fine on (have only IOS devices XR, 7+) if you know how to press and hold the button.

    NOTE: btw, we have 87% users using the system on the phone including hosts (managing their bookings). The WebApp and functionality is truly important for this reason alone.

    ISSUE/BUG: the pricing tier on the PC works! However, if trying to do the same on the phones mentioned above, the following happens:

    1. Press and hold on empty dates
    2. Pricing tier attribute appears on top
    3. Press on Pricing tier attribute
    4. Pricing tier attribute disappears
    5. No dates modified

    Please let me know when you have looked into it. I will test it on my side.


    *meant that I reproduced/tested only with those two types of devices myself

    ihor developer

    Thanks for your feedback, we’ll try to improve the mobile UX, we also plan to release an app for this theme sooner or later.


    @ihor thank you!

    Before I forget. Received the following feedback today:

    • Display of prices set for specific dates overlap with calendar dates on the Host Calendar.

      When setting a different price for a specific day in the calendar (very useful feature), the display of the prices on the pc is correct. When managing the calendar on a mobile phone, the price display overlaps with the calendar dates instead of showing a dot indicating a different price (as it does on the public calendar of the listing.

    • Mobile UX: We are in need of a mobile solution since most of our vendors are managing their bookings on the phone. The web app is really great, yet the vendors can’t manage their bookings properly mainly because they check emails too late: messages of potential guests are not checked which leads to confusion, etc.

      The App would really improve the experience for the hosts and guests. We would love to use/test it asap once its on the way.

      For now: we are happy with the Webapp and we will use a third party to maybe implement some app functionality (I would prefer to use HP only).

    ihor developer

    Thanks for your feedback, I added these to the project backlog.

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