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    Hola tengo un blog que quiero convertir en directorio algo así como pero no se si verdaderamente se puede hacer instalando este plugin si perdería información si tendría que empezar de nuevo, si alguien me puede orientar.
    Hello I have a blog that I want to convert into a directory something like but I don’t know if it can really be done by installing this plugin if I would lose information if I would have to start again, if someone can guide me.


    Sure, you can try installing HivePress to add a directory and you will not lose any data. I’d suggest using HivePress on a separate site (e.g. subdomain) because if there’re a lot of blog posts on your site this may affect the performance.

    PS. If possible write in English so others will be able to search for the same issue and solution, you can pass your questions via Google Translate.

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