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Can anyone help with image resize? (filter)

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  • kvkvn

    So according to this code here:

    	function( $image_sizes ) {
    		return HivePress\Helpers\merge_arrays(
    				'landscape_small' => [
    					'width'  => 400,
    					'height' => 225,
    				'landscape_large' => [
    					'width'  => 800,
    					'height' => 450,

    What should it be as I want the frontpage to have only 1 ROW and to contain 468×60 images (banners)
    Should I set width on both to 468 and height to 60?
    Then to regenerate thumbnails?


    also does it mean that it will require people to upload images with that size ?

    ihor developer

    This code is not required anymore, you can adjust the image sizes in Settings/Media section. If you mean some custom banner images please try editing the Home page and insert custom linked images directly, because if you change these images sizes they will be changed for all listings.

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