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Can I define the Tags and “lock” them?

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  • ThomasB

    Hi Ihor,

    Is it possible to add tags that Sellers can chose between when they make their services instead if them being allowed to name any tag? I want to add around 20 different tags they can use, and preferably restrict that they can make their own tags. This would make the search more efficient, as I better can control the search process, i.e. which tags users can apply when they make a search.

    Also, can I add text to the Tag bar, i.e. an “explainer”? So that people know what “tags” actually means.



    And… The reason why I don’t just add these Tags as attributes and make them as a list, is that Tags seem to be more searchable, and that Tags are shown more nicely in the service view 🙂

    ihor developer

    If you don’t use the tags block to display a few tags on the front page, you can simply disable the Tags extension and add a custom Select attribute in Listings/Attributes section (check the “Allow multiple selection” option for it). It’ll work exactly like tags and will not allow adding new tags.


    Thanks, that was also what I thought would be the alternative. But another nice thing about the Tags is the way that they are showed on the services/listings, i.e. in squares and that they are clickable 🙂 Can I add to the feature requests that Tags can be “locked” and controlled by the siteowner?

    ihor developer

    If you want to keep this extension you can try using this code snippet just to disable user input:

    	function( $args ) {
    		unset( $args['attributes']['data-input'] );
    		return $args;

    Just what I am looking for, thanks 🙂 You can close this topic!

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