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can i make separate registration page for vendors

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  • Laithtag


    can i make a separate registration page for vendors?

    yevhen developer

    Yes, if you enable direct vendor registration in HivePress settings registered users can also register as vendors via the /register-vendor URL.


    The “/register-vendor” will create a new vendor but not user.
    Setting “Allow direct registration” on still can not create vendor from the registration modal. Only user can be created.


    Update: The “/register-vendor” link can generate both vendor and user.
    However, only register users.
    How do I replace this with “”?

    yevhen developer

    Sorry, there is no such option and this would break registration for regular users (all users would have to register as a vendor). If someone accidentally registers via the regular registration form they can always create a vendor profile via the same /register-vendor URL, in this case the first step (Login/Registration) will be simply skipped and the Complete Profile step will appear. So any regular user can upgrade to become a vendor anytime, e.g. you can add the /register-vendor URL to the main menu with label like “Become a Vendor”.


    is there a similar url (/register-vendor) for users?

    yevhen developer

    For users it is possible to use this link your-website/account/login/
    But user login/register form are implemented by default on website as modals


    Thank you. it worked!

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