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Can I use membership extension for this use?

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  • Jave


    i’m thinking of buying the membership extension but i wonder if i can actually use it for what i want it for.

    With the membership extension i want to hide only attributes (e.g. telephone number and attachments).

    I only want specialized businesses to see those attributes after buying a plan. But to be sure only them can see i want to review each order and verify them before they will be able to see all attributes. So no other person will be able to just buy the plan and then see all the attributes right after paying.

    Is it possible? If yes can i send an automatic mail after they place the order with verification details they have to provide to activate the membership?

    ihor developer

    Sure, you can use this extension to hide specific attributes. If you want to verify users before the payment, you can enable some non-automatic payment methods (e.g. bank transfer) and then describe the requirements on the order completion page. The attributes become visible once you mark the order as Completed.


    thank you – so with something like paypal it wouldn’t be possible as the payment would be possible as the order would be marked as completed automatically?


    So i bought the extension and everything works fine so far.

    But i read this topic ( beforehand and somehow the url is not changing to when adding an attachment.

    I have to do set something for this to be showed? Also refreshed permalinks but still the same link like

    ihor developer

    Please make sure that you restricted this attribute (by assigning it to some existing membership plan), then its front-end URL should be masked with the “/download-attachment/…” path, the original URL should be hidden on the front-end.


    yeah i assigned the attribute with attachment to a plan – but it’s showing the normal url in front end.

    What exactly you mean with restricted? I see when i go to hivepress-settings-memberships the option called restrictions for listings, vendors and messages but if i try to put in listing e.g. listings-attributes to be restricted and press save it i got an error message by wordpress saying:

    translated it means “something went wrong – the link is expired -try again”


    Got it worked – mistake was i was viewing it as an admin and not as a user who bought the package 🙂

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