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Can register using Social ( google and facebook ) but can’t sign in

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  • subhodyuti

    Can register using Social ( google and facebook ) but can’t sign in
    I am receiving email with Password , but everytime i try to sign in it stays on the same page
    So registration works but Sign in does not
    Appreciate your help , thank you


    Please try disabling third-party plugins, it seems to be a caching issue. For example, if you use LiteSpeed cache make sure to disable caching for logged-in users.


    Thanks Nazar !! I have no cache or 3rd party plugin active related to this . Weird registration works . . . both facebook and google social login . . . come to one moment please and come back to home page without signing in and there is no error on console or network tab


    Can you please advise on this or what we need to check , thanks !! I checked with provider also does not seems to be any cache issues . . . Can it be a config issue on Google / facebook dev console ?

    ihor developer

    Please send temporary WP access to and I’ll check this issue.


    Thanks Ihor much appreciate this , I have added you and emailed link
    Once I fix this I can install booking plugin , I have been waiting for it !! Thanks again

    You can see a redirect plugin , but I have tried deactivate them all , register works always but not login

    Thanks again !!


    Hi ,
    You were right , seems to be a server problem
    Below is the response


    Thank you for your patience.

    Unfortunately, it’s not possible to exclude the main page from EasyWP cache system. Our technicians are recommend you to use any login link that can be excluded from the cache, like

    We are looking forward to hearing from you.


    Instead of the login pop up through out the website , can I redirect to a login page ?
    If so , can you please advise how can that be done , thanks a lot !!

    Thanks ,

    ihor developer

    Please consider moving your website to another hosting provider (if it’s an option), you can keep the domain with Namecheap but move the website itself. This would be the easiest way that doesn’t require any customizations.


    Thank you !!

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