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Can the admin see the messages between the vendors and users?

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  • JorgeIII

    I’d like to monitor what they talk about. Is there a way to do this? Obviously this is stated in the terms and conditions, so we’re not snooping in private conversations unannounced.

    ihor developer

    There’s no such option at the moment, but if you have some tool for viewing the database (like Adminer or PHPMyAdmin) you can view wp_comments table and filter them by “hp_message” type.


    Hey Ihor!
    I’m not sure if this is a good practice, but I’ve been testing out a simple way to display the messages in the admin panel.
    Since they extend the Comment class, I thought of making them public so I could “moderate them” from the admin menu.
    By looking into hivepress-messages/includes/configs/comment-types.php, I could set the comment type “message” to public=> true… Now I can see every conversation in the admin panel if I go to the comment section.
    I know I shouldn’t be editing plugins, so would there be a way to add a function to my functions.php file to filter this out? Or would you see I’m screwing the whole functionality?
    Thanks a lot.

    ihor developer

    Sure, if there are no errors in the dashboard after you changed this you can change this configuration via “hivepress/v1/comment_types” filter without editing the plugin code directly.


    Awesome! I’ll take a look at filters then, I’m a bit of a noob there lol.

    ihor developer

    Here’s an example of filtering the “post_types”, it works in the same way for “comment_types” – you can just override the array values https://hivepress.io/support/topic/changing-vendor-profile-link/#post-5237


    @Jorgelll, I’m curious to see what came of this, as I am interested in this feature as well…


    i am curious about this too – makes it easy to moderate any reported harassment in some cases

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