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Can the box size(height) be fixed or set to the maximum for the row?

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    Can the box size be set for all Listings in a row to the same height?
    May be there is other way of making all listings size the same? Set row heigh to the “tallest” listing? Define min/max height of Primary and Secondary Block? Define Height of an attribute in the block? It doesn’t look tidy when the height is jumping around


    Unfortunately there’s no solution for this, this would add extra space inside the box (currently it’s outside), the only solution to this is using a masonry layout but there’s no such option in ListingHive


    I don’t understand why you are afraid of using “extra space inside the box”? Most places do it and do it right. Masonry on the other hand is not a good example for directory/classified script… it is more a “design feature” than something that brings order and usability.

    I could say examples like and, but you can say its a multimillion dollar company not a free script… so here is a link to something custom … compre it with oxyclassifieds that uses masonry and looks awful…

    Of course its just an opinion!


    Thanks, but I think that space inside or outside the box doesn’t make any difference, removing the useless space completely would be an improvement (but masonry loses the horizontal alignment). Anyway, I’ll try to improve these layouts with each update.


    I found a solution to this – using “Yellow Pencil” wordpress plugin I was able to set maximum-minimum sizes for needed fields (including the whole block/box areas, so that the listings stay at one height. In case anybody needs it.

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