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Cannot perform a state-wide search

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  • flantascience

    Am I misunderstanding settings on the Search feature? If I enter in an entire state, I am not getting all the properties for that state. I have to enter in a city in close proximity for it to appear… is there a threshold setting somewhere that I’m not seeing?

    ihor developer

    There’s a radius-based search by default, so the listings are searched within a radius starting from the entered location, if it’s a large area then the area center is used – this works for cities but not for larger areas like countries or states.
    Please enable Regions in Geolocation settings, this will generate a region for every listing and if you enter the region (e.g. state) then there will be a category-like search instead of the radius-based one (it will still work for the exact addresses).

    ihor developer

    Please try to re-save a listing and check if a region (California) is created in Listings/Regions. If not then the API key is set up incorrectly, please set it up depending on the map provider (Google Maps requires an extra secret key, for Mapbox a single public key is enough). If the region is created, then search by California should be ok.


    I went and created a second API key, left it unrestricted, and added it in the “Secret Key” box in the Google Maps settings. Yet I’m still not seeing any Regions get generated after re-saving a Listing.

    ihor developer

    Please try to change the listing location, save it and change it back. The region generation is performed on the location change only to save the API requests (geocoding requests are the most expensive).

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