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Can’t increase listings limit for existing package

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    I think I’ve found a bug. I have an existing package with listings limit set to 10 (free, no linked woocommerce product). I’ve created an account which I’ve posted 10 listings with. Even though I increase the listing limit in the background for the free package the account can’t post more listing as the system says the listing limit is reached.

    Also, a small suggestion for the listing limit feature is to be able to set it to 0 for unlimited listings.

    Thanks for a great plugin!

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    2. Also, if I have both free and pad packages and the user has bought a free package with let’s say 10 listings. When adding listing number two the user automatically “chooses” the free package even thogh there are other paid options for featuring a listing. Is this a bug or can I change this flow somehow?

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    ihor developer

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    1. It’s not a bug – the limit is copied to the user’s account on the package selection, because the number of listings left may be different for each account. So after you select some package and change it’s limit globally, the limit for existing users who selected it before is not changed (it will be the next time they select this package, e.g. if it’s a premium one).

    2. Thanks, this is already on the roadmap.

    3. This is also planned, in the current version the package with a bigger limit is selected automatically.

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