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Home Support General HivePress Cant upload image attachment: “Images” field contains an invalid value. Why?

Cant upload image attachment: “Images” field contains an invalid value. Why?

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  • DestroyerZzz

    Im not single with that problem. My thread is third or fourth for a year! We need to do something with that critical bug. User cant add listing for now. Even without photos. Problem not in WP auto-drafter. Problem in that crappy image uploader.


    I gave login and pass for you too see. There is no images. And you still cant add listings


    I think this is a very serious bug. And i catched it. I can give you full access to my server to inspect that issue and fix it. Cause this bug is a threat to main HivePress function – Adding Listings. This bug kills Adding Listings (Main Purpose of HivePress). Users just go away from the “Broken web-site”


    OMG. Partially solved it! Downloaded plugin “Advanced DataBase cleaner” And there is tons of “Empty” auto-drafts. Deleted them and BOOM! Now user can Add Listings!

    But still. There is a bug with that IMG uploader that creates that empty Auto-Drafts. And in the future users will be unable to Add Listing again, when they catch that bug and that empty IMG draft again!


    define( ‘AUTOSAVE_INTERVAL’, 36000 ); // autosave 1x per hour
    define( ‘WP_POST_REVISIONS’, false ); // no revisions
    define( ‘DISABLE_WP_CRON’, true );
    define( ‘EMPTY_TRASH_DAYS’, 1 );

    also added this to config. Hope this will help to avoid this issue in the future. But i think this will not help

    ihor developer

    Please let me know if this issue persists if you try to register as a new user and add a listing. This issue may occur if some listings were pre-added via the back-end. If there are specific steps to reproduce this with a fresh HivePress installation please send the details and we’ll try to debug this further.


    I have the same issue for one specific user too. But I’m using WP DB Cleaner to auto-delete all auto-drafts every hour but the problem still presists. I can upload images with his account on my PC but he can’t.

    ihor developer

    If there are any extra details or steps to reproduce this issue please let me know and I’ll try to help, this may not be related to auto-drafts but to the specific browser or device used by this vendor (e.g. we have a known issue with some Android versions).


    I’m having the same issue on a newly install HivePress on the initial setup of the site. What a pain!


    Now it’s completely down! wow

    ihor developer

    Please share as many details as possible and we’ll try to help, do you mean that the website is down? If there are some specific steps to reproduce the image uploading issue please share the details and we’ll test this, if there’s a bug it will be fixed.

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