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    I have some problem with capabilities and atribiutes.

    User must have capability: “edit_others_posts” to see attributes in the edit field.
    I want the user to have capability: “edit_posts” beacuse user can’t edit other post.

    How I can fix it?
    I am asking for help.


    Please try checking the “Allow front-end editing” option for an attribute if you want to allow users to edit it, users don’t have to access the WordPress back-end to edit listing attributes.


    Ok, but I meant the attributes of the vendors.
    Vendors can only edit their own attributes.
    I tried your way but it doesn’t work.


    Vendor attributes work in the same way, if you want vendors to be able to edit some attributes you can check the “Allow front-end editing” option and the attribute field will appear in the front-end account settings form, so vendors don’t have to access the WordPress back-end to edit their details.


    Okay, but we have to use the wordpress cockpit because we have other features that we want the user to be able to edit as well. We want to do it with one login.

    And we have a problem with capabilities.
    I wrote in the first post.
    Please help.


    Sorry, I figured that using the WordPress back-end wasn’t a requirement. Unfortunately, this is not possible at the moment, all back-end meta boxes require at least “edit_others_posts” capability. I added this topic to the bug tracker and will try to fix this in future updates.

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