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Cart, My Account, Checkout, Shop – Mobile Issues

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  • grtspence

    When I to certain pages (Cart, My Account, Checkout, Shop) on my mobile devices (iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12) an ugly mobile WordPress version appears instead of the beautiful responsive version you have created. There is a CTA that says “Exit mobile version” on the ugly page, that brings me back to the better looking responsive FE, but even at the top of that there is a CTA that say “Go to mobile version” that takes you to the ugly one.

    This doesn’t affect the homepage, so im hoping there is an easy solution or setting that im overlooking.

    Thanks in advance!

    yevhen developer

    Please send a link to your site and I will check this issue, this may be some third-party solution that overrides WooCommerce layouts because there is no Exit Mobile Version link in the default installation.


    Thanks for the weekend response! My site is, you can quickly reproduce by scrolling to the bottom of the home screen and clicking the “Cart” CTA. I’ve also reproduced through the normal booking flow. If I could attach a screenshot I would.

    yevhen developer

    It seems like plugin WP AMP (AMP, AMP for WP) cause this problem. Please try to correct set up it or deactivate this plugin if you do not need it


    This worked, thank you so much! Y’all have such amazing support, I really appreciate it!

    yevhen developer

    No worries, I am glad I could help

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