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    i’m setting up a website to help all the restaurants out that are offering takeout and delivery in nyc. if you want to look at it and tell me if i did it right or not 🙂 it started out as just and we had problems with squarespace so i am setting up the citywide site before i move the dns.

    i’ve setup a category for each boro and so far have setup two neighborhoods in queens with sub categories for each avenue and street area. that works great, but want to add global categories for cuisine and drinks that are not separate categories so that the user can either drill down by area as well as cuisine/drinks as a second or third search option. or start the other way where a user can put in “japanese” and then drill down into queens (or any other boro) then astoria then ditmars area and also check drinks option or not.

    i hope i’m explaining this correctly


    also, is there a way to add text to the top of the search page that i can add explainations and instructions?



    – Please choose the most important property for categories, and add other as attributes. For example you can use categories as types (restaurants, bars etc.), checkboxes attribute for cuisine, drinks etc. (so users will be able to select multiple options in search), and Geolocation extension for locations. There’s no option for pre-defining areas yet (there’s a full search), but it seems to work anyway – I tried searching Queens on the demo site

    – You can try adding it to the listings sidebar in Appearance/Widgets section. Placing content at the top would require a custom code snippet.


    We are using VERY different versions of HivePress. I don’t have attributes, checkboxes or any appearance/widget section nor a sidebar. I went to the demo link above and the search on the left is nothing like mine here:


    oh wait, i’m starting to find stuff. i found attributes and the widgets sidebar. let me play with it.

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