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Categories Listing sometimes Haywire

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    Kindly have a look here – there seems to be some issue – the listings are all haywire – why could this be happening.

    Also once I go to the bottom category – it does not show the listings in it – is there something i am doing wrong ?


    If you mean category images please try uploading larger images, they should be cropped to the same size. This category page displays subcategories because “Display subcategories” option is checked for it (so it forces user to select a subcategory before displaying listings).


    no – i think my mistake was what you warned against
    ihor 2 weeks, 3 days ago developer
    Please consider using a custom attribute for this purpose (e.g. “select” type with multiple selection allowed), because categories are used by other features and extensions to differentiate listings. For example, if you allow setting multiple categories, then category-specific attributes feature may be broken.

    – i used a single post with multiple categories – perhaps the reason for the errors – i will remove it and see.


    i thought the problem would be solved if i altered the Listing which had more than one Category – i did that – but it is still flawed.
    pls see this link –
    you will see what the problem is – pls guide.
    Thank you very much


    Please describe the issue, I can’t find any issues except the different image sizes But if you upload larger images then sizes should be the same. If you want to display listings instead of subcategories on this page simply edit this category and un-check “Display subcategories”.


    What are the minimum sizes recommended for the Category Images ? This size issue is still there.

    Unchecking Display subcategories seems to have solved the first problem for me.
    I got the Google API too – but now I see that even though i select the right location – it does not show ads placed in that location.
    I will keep checking and revert.


    The minimum recommended size is 400x533px. Please try adjusting the geolocation radius in Settings/HivePress/Listings/Geolocation section.

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