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Categories looks strange and not so userfriendly

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    Hi, when I add listing I have 4 head categories. Does are showing up strange on computer when they are 4. It looks ok on mobile, but there are much thumb up 🙂

    And is there a way to fix when I have many sub-categories? There are many grey pictures now. Scrolllist instead??


    I forgot to ask how I get more height on the hero image. I want the search bar just at the bottom.



    Please let me know the number of columns you want to set and I’ll provide a code snippet for this. Unfortunately there’s no alternative for images at the moment, these are design-related issues so they can be fixed by using a custom theme or with HTML/CSS customizations (I plan to release other themes with different layouts, but they will most likely be paid).


    Cool, when do you plan this themes?

    I want 4 collumns.

    Could I get the sub-categories picture more square? So they dont take som much surface.


    There’s no ETA yet, currently I’m working on a few extensions.

    These code snippets should resolve both issues (refresh permalinks after you add them):

    Please consider hiring a freelancer if further customizations are required, free support includes fixing bugs and answering questions about HivePress features.

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