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Categories’ specified attributes filter not work

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    I’ve created a checkboxes attribute and enable ‘Display as a sorting option’ for Star Level (there’s 1-5 stars available) on Hotel Category, while I am use the attribute to search 4 star hotel, it just do a general search (including other categories such as law office and apartment).

    How to fix that error?


    Sorry, i mean ‘display in search form’, not i sorting form.


    Please let me know how to reproduce it step by step, I tried adding the same attribute and it seems to work. Although it doesn’t work if you select multiple options, because there’s an “and” condition, I’ll try to resolve this in the next version (because there may be both “and” and “in” conditions for this type of attribute), you can consider using the “select” type for now.


    Step to reproduce the problem:
    Create new attribute named Facitilies and set only to Hotel for example, select checkboxes and edit option (fill the options with Spa, Restaurant, Free Parking and 24-hour Receptionist). Check display in search form. Open Hotel category and search Spa in filter form, it’ll do global search (include all categories).


    This is strange, I added the same attribute and it seems to work. Please make sure that you have the latest version of HivePress and ListingHive, and that search type is selected for this attribute (I tested both select and checkboxes), search type should not be empty.

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