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    Is it possible to get a different display for the categories (home page demo) laptop and Mobile version. I would like to keep the style of the demo on the laptop version and for the mobile version to display without the image, only the text. Do you have a code for this?


    It’s possible, but requires CSS customizations, there’s no simple CSS snippet for this. Please consider hiring someone if you need the layout or styling customizations for your site


    I search for the same. How to hide category (Cars, Garden, Properties, Work) image boxes and only have a narrow and small box which displays category name and number of posted ads by people.
    These image boxes for categories are too huge for main page. Most people wouldl like to see all content on 1 page and not use scrollbar to see all categories available. Is there a simple or less simple solution? I tried some custom css commands to make these boxes smaller, but it is not going good with this. There are layers of items (css classes?) there one inside another.


    I understand that this may be not suitable for some use-cases, but this design is defined by ListingHive theme. There are two ways to change it – customize it (if you’re familiar with CSS or you hire someone for this), or switch a theme (I plan to release a new theme for each use-case every month, the next will be a job board theme and it’ll have an icon-based category grid).

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