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    Hi again.

    I currently have two issues which I’m trying to solve.

    1. Category page Image

    Is there a way where I can have to different pictures for the category? I mean one for the thumbnails and one for the header on the category page.
    For mobile is ok using the same pictures as the thumbnails, but for the desktop version is not. The Image on the category page is now shown properly, I imagine is because of the pictures size. Which takes me to problem number 2

    2. Category thumbnails picture size

    Is there any picture size as default for the thumbnails? I have uploaded pictures with the same height and I still have different thumbnails sizes which makes my category buttons uneven.
    The website i’m trying to build is:

    Thanks a lot!



    1. Unfortunately there’s no such option, adding it would require code customizations (adding the second image field, and custom styles for the listing header section).

    2. Please make sure that these images are at least 400x533px, then they will be cropped and resized properly. If they are smaller WordPress will leave the original size.

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