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    I have 3 main categories with each having more subcategories. When making a listing, a person has to select between 4 main listing types. How do i set the selection process, such that a person after selecting the desired categories and subcategories reaches a common category(i.e listing type) ?
    Presently I’m making 4 subcategories(listing types) under each of the last selected subcategories.
    I know this sounds too confusing, you can check it out here –
    I want the last selected subcategories to reach a common page such as instead of going to pages with different category ID’s.

    Thank you.


    There are 2 ways to implement this, you can use types as top-level categories (so the user will select the “type” first and then continue selecting the subcategory, and you’ll be able to assign different attributes for these “types” because they are listing categories), or add a custom selectable “type” attribute if you don’t need type-specific attributes, in this case “type” field will appear in the listing submission form.

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