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Change default category display of generated page /sample-categories-listings?

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    Go to [[your_site]]/sample-categories-listings Curently it will display 3 categories at the top.

    **How can I change the cats displayed as default? (This would be extremely helpful.)
    and / or
    **Is it possible to alter this page to include the “Category Search” feature in position 1 of the row which would replace the fist category on the row? (This would leave only two other images for categories on the row, in positions #2 and #3)

    Thank you in advance


    I found the Cat re-ordering.

    Would still like the 1 position to use the filter/search function. Possible ?

    ihor developer

    If this is a category page that displays subcategories there should be a listing search form by default. If categories are displayed using a block (like on the home page), you can add the search form with another block.


    i also want to adjust listing categories images to a thumbnail size what page would this css be placed on? blocks don’t seem to work with the listing page

    ihor developer

    This requires CSS customizations, you can add custom CSS code to Appearance/Customize/Additional CSS section:

    .hp-listing-category__image { ...custom styles here... }


    Thanks I’ll try that

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