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Change Email that receives New Listing Notification

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    I would like to change the email that receives the notification that there is a post that needs to be reviewed away from my I want it to go to and I have only given the user editor privileges.

    Is there a way to do this without giving listings admin status?

    How would I be able to get an email notification if a user makes an edit to their listings after I approve it? Trying to offer a vetted listing site and as of now anyone could submit a new listing and we go through it and approve it, but obviously could edit it after it is approved.

    Thanks as always for your assistance and help!



    1. This code snippet should do it:

    	function( $email ) {
    		$email['recipient'] = '',
    		return $email;

    2. This feature is not available at the moment, but it will be implemented in the next version. Each attribute will get a “moderated” flag, so changes to moderated attributes will send listings for another review.

    Thanks ihor, looking forward to that new update. Any chance it won’t work cohesively without having to make changes to what we have with the current version?

    Also, can you please confirm which theme file that code snippet should go in?

    I tried inserting that in the following to no avail is why I ask:

    ListingHive: listing-submit-link.php (hivepress/listing/submit/listing-submit-link.php)

    *can’t really think of anywhere else that would need to go?

    3.) Another instance where I would like to change the sender email.

    As of right now, when a new user registers on the site they receive an email from ‘’. Is there anyway to change this to like an ‘’?

    If there is a code snippet that will change that one, where will that go?


    If you plan to customize ListingHive theme, you can generate a child theme and add custom snippets to the child theme’s functions.php file If not, you can manage PHP snippets with this plugin

    Please try using this plugin for setting up outgoing emails (like changing the “from” name and email)

    If you mean the moderated attributes feature it will be fully backward compatible with the attributes added in the current version.


    You may try Post SMTP (, it features Gmail API, Sendgrid API, Mailgun and traditional SMTP port (it can be filled by your own smtp server).

    I’ve tried this plugin and it work like a charm, all listing submitted was noticed by email (here i’m using as mailer/postman).

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