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    First of all thanks for making an amazing theme. Followed you from Reddit.

    I cant seem to be able to change my Footer font text color. It is dark and I want something white. I’ve tried many css styles on google search but it isnt working. How do I change the bottom About Us and Privacy Policy color?

    Also on mobile device the nav bar button widget color is dark/black. I also want to know how to change its color so that users on mobile device can see it.


    Hi @ihor

    How do I edit or delete this post to remove the link due to privacy reason?



    Thanks! You can try using this CSS snippet:

    .header-navbar__burger>a i,
    .footer-navbar__menu a {color:#fff!important;}

    Please note that it may require further customizations, most of the theme elements are not styled for dark background (except for the header hero section).

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