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  • zulazai

    Hi @ihor

    – How can I change the featured image size to 200×200 pixel for my main listings page

    – How can I make an attribute so users can select if Serves Alcohol? YES or NO

    – Is there any way to prepopulate or autopopulate the location?

    – Is it possible to change the menu icon on mobile so instead of those 3 lines it also says MENU under it?



    1. It’s possible with filters, please check this topic You can re-generate thumbnails after you change the image sizes

    2. You can add a checkbox attribute with the “Serves alcohol” label, so there will be a “yes/no” value.

    3. Not possible at the moment, but I’ll consider adding this feature. Users can auto-populate the location field by clicking on the “Locate Me” icon.

    4. Possible, but this is related to the theme customization and requires CSS changes.

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