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Change payout request email

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  • joelblack

    I need to copy my accountant on the payout request email that comes from a vendor, but I can not find a way to access the email through the Hivepress email settings, or anywhere else for that matter. Any ideas how I can access it to add a “cc” to our accountant?

    yevhen developer

    Please consider setting up a custom filter that forwards this email to your accountant, this would be the easiest way that does not require customizations. For example you can add a filter that forwards emails with “Payout requested” subject sent from your website to some specific email address, if you use Gmail please follow their docs


    That was a good idea, it will be messy in our case through. The email that is used for the marketplace is a forwarding email, so it forwards to a couple different people through Google default routing. I guess I could set up a forward from my personal gmail to forward to the account. But that could get messy. I will give it a shot, thank you.

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