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  • jaiii

    Hii thanks for the brilliant plugins and theme
    New to this whole work had few questions
    1. Is it possible to change price display from number to number/100000
    ie how can one change from %value% to value/100000 or value/100000000 depending upon amount and same change in filter also
    2. How can i enable message option without registration as some times users leave sites when asked for sign-up
    3 how to change message fields (i need to add a field for phone number) via plugin or need to customise the code

    Thanks again for the amazing plugin


    I basically wanted to convert number of 1500000 to 15 lacs or if number is 15000000 then 1.5 crore in buy sell category
    And in rent category want to chamge comma positions as in my country we write 10,000,000 as 1,00,00,000
    Would appreciate a lot for your help ihor
    Also tried adding number field in registeration and message form via code snippet but it does not appear aftet once used any tips on that ?
    Thanks ihor

    ihor developer


    1. If you mean the dynamic display format it’s not possible at the moment, you can set any static format (with any currency symbol or “/ month” text), but converting the format on the fly requires customizations.

    2. There’s no such feature yet, but it’s on the roadmap, I also need to figure out how to prevent spam in this case.

    3. It’s possible via the code snippet, if you’re familiar with PHP please try using the “hivepress/v1/forms/message_send” filter to customize the form.

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