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Change “Select Subcategory” title

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    Hi Ihor,

    I need your help with the next issues.

    1- I have categories with the name of some cities, then subcategories with other names.. when a user Add a listing it says..

    “Select a Category” for

    then it says again “Salect a Category” for

    I tried to change it with Loco Translator but it change both titles.. How can I change the title on SELECT SUBCATEGORY..

    2.- my site is working under

    I redirect the with mask to the first one and the responsive design on my mobile device is not showing, just the desktop version.. how can I fix this?

    Thanks for your help..



    1. Unfortunately, there’s no easy way to do this because there’s the same page title, regardless of categories or subcategories. It would require code customizations (instead of a simple replacement via Loco Translate).

    2. Please make sure that you’re not loading it via an iframe, responsive design doesn’t work within an iframe. You can set a simple redirect instead.

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