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Changing Inner Wrapper Sticky’s

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  • TafeltjeThuis


    In my theme there are some Inner wrapper sticky’s (sidebars) added and I am very curious how I can edit the content.
    Also I am wondering if I can disable some of the IWS’s..

    I thought it should be in the sidebar widgets settings, but it’s not here.

    Thanks in advance!


    ihor developer

    It’s possible to add custom widgets to the available sidebars in Appearance/Widgets section. Some widgets are built-in by default (e.g. listing attributes and search filters), hiding these is possible, but requires a CSS snippet. Please let me know which widget you want to hide and I’ll try to help.


    It’s the hp-widfet–listing-filter.

    Here I want the ‘date’, ‘min & max price’ and ‘tags’ to be deleted. Also I want to add.
    Also I want to add a couple listing settings, like: Type Diner and pets allowed.

    Thanks in advance


    And it’s about the: hp-listing–view-page

    Here I want to change the line: Request to Book (hp-field–sumbit)
    Also I want to delete: hp-listing__action–claim
    And I want to edit the line of: hp-listing–report
    And lastly: I want to edit the text of: hp-vendor_attribute–listing-count

    Thanks in advance!

    ihor developer

    Please try using Loco Translate for changing any static texts (like the built-in button, link or attribute labels)
    If you want to remove some built-in attributes from the search filter (or the Claim Listing link) please try disabling the corresponding extensions, for example if you disable the Claim Listings extension the link will disappear.
    If you want to add some new search filters please add a custom attribute in the Listing/Attributes section and mark it as Filterable.
    Hope this helps.

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