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Changing layout of Attribute blocks?

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  • zulazai

    Hi @ihor

    Is it possible to change the location of blocks that appears on mobile browsers? On my site when someone leaves a review, the phone number and website attribute block gets pushed down to the bottom. I would prefer to have all the information including these blocks directly under the listing name, and address.
    Not a huge issue on desktop but on mobile the blocks get pushed down below the reviews.

    If there is a css snippet i could do that would be great


    You can try re-order these columns with CSS, but I plan to fix these issues in future updates, also add the option to expand/collapse the search filters since they take a whole screen.


    thanks @ihor what css can I try in the interim till the future updates

    Also another question, how can I adjust the font text size of attribute blocks? they are too big compared to my listing heading and address.


    If you’re familiar with CSS please try checking elements using web inspector and adding custom CSS snippets. I would be glad to help, but customizations are not part of the support I offer for HivePress (although sometimes I provide simple code snippets).

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